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At Healthy Goopers, we believe that health should be afforded by everyone. With this in mind, we worked tirelessly to make this program affordable and feasible. Also, we will teach you how to live healthy and keep your weight under control for lifetime. 

The main focus of the program is Gut Health. The food plan that we have carefully selected, will provide rest to your belly. This will be supported by essential, secure, healthy and reliable supplements, which are specifically designed to help support the detoxing of your body and sustain your energy levels. 

This Program is for anyone who is above 18 years of age and with no health conditions, which might restrict you to join this program. For this we always recommend to consult GP, before you start this program. Anyone who is looking for improving his overall health need to lose 5 Kilos to 50 Kilos can do this program by eating healthy.

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Tired of feeling sick and lethargic all the time?

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The program focuses on gut health, and helps you develop healthy habits which contribute to living a healthy and happy life.


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Frequently Asked Questions

If you still aren’t able to find answers to your questions down below, then feel free to contact us and we’d be happy to help you.

How this Program works?

The program focuses on gut health, and helps you develop healthy habits which contribute to living a healthy and happy life. The easy to follow structure of the program with home cooked meals  and the mentor support together makes this a valuable program for anyone looking to start their journey to health, wellness and weight loss.

How much weight can I loose?

Everyone is different on their weight goals Results may vary based on personal weight history, body composition, frequency of physical activity and personal motivation, among other factors to reach your goals if you follow our program. 

Can I join the program without the vitamins and minerals?

As this program is based on gut cleansing low calorie diet and the vitamins and minerals are there to support your body during the program. It provides all the nutrition the body required during the three stages of the program. We recommend following the programme with the supplements

What happens after 30 Days do I put weight back on?

This program will teach you how to maintain your weight for the rest of your life and live healthily by following 80/20 rule.

Can I do the program if I am on medication?

You must provide the product fact sheets and program to your GP for approval before commencing.

Are the supplements necessary?

The nutrition is responsible for supporting your gut. Our program will support your gut, allow your villae (finger-like protrusions on the inner wall of your intestine responsible for increasing the surface area for absorption of nutrients into your blood stream) to stand up and work to their full potential.

What does Mono eating involve and why is it important for this program?

Mono eating simply means eating one type of food per serving. I.e: One type of protein and one type of vegetable per meal. When we mono eat, the body doesn’t have to work as hard, which decreases bloating and maximises nutrient absorption, satisfying your body’s needs with fewer calories and curbing those naughty addictions like carbs and sugars.

What is the best part?

There are no shakes, there’s no starvation, it’s real food – Protein & Vegetables. It is so easy and you will start to feel the difference and see the results in the first few days

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